EMM CN Team Building Spring 2019

On May 19th, 2019, the EMM CN Team went to the beautiful Mao Mountain Park, for a Team Building Experience.    There was a total of 300 workers that participated.  … Continued

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

By: David Power   Navigating the rapidly changing medical market today requires constant information, rapid analysis and quick reactions. Customers, competitors and suppliers are experiencing major and dramatic change and … Continued

A Systematic Approach

By: Eric Schneider   Problems, problems, problems, we all have them. And problem solving is a systematic process in which a methodical process is implemented to clearly identify a path … Continued

Exact Medical Milestones

By: David Power   Exact Medical’s China operations are in holiday at this time celebrating the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival in anticipation of the coming Year of the … Continued

Translating Strategy into Tactics

By: Nathan Wicka   Many top-level CEO’s can generate a great strategy or business plan. However, without considering certain key dynamics such as communication, team buy in, responsibilities and implementation … Continued