Press Release for EMM Audits

Press Release   It is part of Exact Medical Manufacturing’s long term strategy to invest significantly into our Quality System. The goal with this investment is to give our existing … Continued

In It For The Long Haul

By: Eric Schneider   It is 3:00 AM and my eyes pop open with anticipation. It is race day, and I will be there at the starting corral with the … Continued

Success is in the Details

By: Lisa Riso The corridor is chilled, the guards stoic, and the low rumbles of a crowd can be heard in the distance. It was not just because the painting … Continued

How to Make the Customer King

By: Samantha Riso With any services or products being sold, the true value is determined by the most important factor of any capitalist venture; the customers.  Without satisfied customers, the … Continued

Getting Your Message Out

By: Nathan Wicka With the ever increasing boom in technology and information, getting ones business message out can be easier said than done. While the invention of the World Wide … Continued

Announcement For Release – April 2017

    Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce that in addition to being certified through our China JV that EMM-New York is now also certified to quality standards; … Continued

Announcement For Release March 2017

  Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce The opening of our Fourth Manufacturing Facility.   It was but one year ago that EMM opened its third manufacturing facility, … Continued