Equipment Covers

Microscope Drapes

Exact Medical offers a wide range of Microscope drapes to fit specific microscope needs.

The Microscope drapes are made from high quality polyethylene film. Easy to drape with a special anti-blocking formula to prevent the PE film from sticking.

The straps to secure the drape allow a quick and easy draping.

All the drapes come with an angled lens to prevent glare during the procedure.

The lens covers used are made of high grade material and offer a high optical quality, no distortion and clear visibility.

Dome Bags and Band Bags

A wide range of Dome and Band bags with latex free elastic, packed with a wrap so picking and using a bag is a simple job. All our bags are made of high grade special anti-blocking PE Film.


C-Arm Drapes

Our C-arm clip system enables full C-arm coverage while preserving its complete range of rotation.

Our C-Arm drapes come in organizer pouches to immediately identify the different parts.

Exact Medical also offers a range of special pouches to use with movement of the C-Arm from the lower non-sterile field to the upper sterile field.

Camera Drapes

Exact Medical has an extensive range of Camera drapes in various versions. For example with perforated tip or elasticized tip. Application is made easy with either ring or cardboard insert.

Exact Medical offers also a special camera drape with a coupler system, changing a camera is possible without re-draping.

As all our products, Camera Drapes are made of high grade special anti-blocking PE Film.

The tape used to secure the camera drapes is elastic and allows a secure and tight closure.


Probe Covers

For use of Ultrasound probe covers we offer a range of probe covers with choice of material and optional high grade ultrasonic gel sachets.

No seams that interfere with the Ultrasonic image. The highest care is given to manufacturing, High quality tight seams to prevent any breach of the drape.


In the range of equipment covers Exact Medical offers various accessories. Ask for our catalog to get a full overview.

Equipment Covers Catalog

Our catalogs are available free for download. We just request some basic information.

Equipment Covers Catalog