home-mapExact Medical offers custom capabilities in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices for distribution worldwide. As a multicultural company providing comprehensive services, we do more than make surgical gowns and drapes. We offer our partners peace of mind through every step, from sourcing to development to manufacturing to quality assurance to delivery.

Exact Medical manufactures and distributes a large variety of equipment covers products, with numerous variations. This includes Microscope Covers, C-arm Covers, Ultrasound Probe Covers, Band Bags, Dome Bags and Video Camera Covers. All available in single sterile, Exact Medical Branded.

Since we tailor our products to the exact dimensions of specific surgical equipment, they fit precisely without excess plastic that could otherwise hinder use. In addition, we understand the cost of an idle operating room. That is why we design our drapes and covers ergonomically, for easy application and removal. With our products, operating rooms can be cleaned and ready for the next patient, fast.

As the owner of two facilities in China, we have the unique ability to control your manufacturing process and ensure the utmost in quality. With Exact Medical, you’ll have confidence in our people, our products, and our ability to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Exact Medical helps you realize the cost efficiencies of manufacturing in China, while adhering to rigorous international quality standards. Though China may be a world away, you can be confident that when you put your trust in Exact Medical, you’ll experience a world of difference.