On the picturesque Spring Day, April 21, 2024, Exact Medical’s factory organized a wonderful team building event at our beautiful outdoor lawn with the theme “Inspire Youth, Challenge Yourself, Join Hands to Create Brilliance”.

Every EMM employee and their families were invited.

The purpose is to provide a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, so that employees can engage with one another in the process of joint activities, enhance mutual understanding, build trust, and contribute to the future development of Exact Medical Manufacturing.

The activities were mainly divided into two parts.

The first part focused on outdoor expansion activities. The activities have various forms and rich contents. IE, “Fun Caterpillar”, “Drum and Ball”, “Curling Competition”, “Dragon Dance + Giant Painting”.

Everyone actively participates in the activities, supports each other, overcomes challenges together, and courageously strive for new achievements. They deeply recognized the significance of teamwork.

Through this event, people enhance mutual understanding, they also ignited our work enthusiasm, and injected fresh vitality into the future development of company.

The second part is for entertainment.

There were wonderful song and dance performances, professional bands, mysterious magic shows, and children’s favorite clowns.

In addition, a variety of delicacies have been prepared for everyone to enjoy, including outdoor barbecue, hamburgers and fried chicken, snacks, gifts and more.

Throughout the event, we conducted three rounds of lottery picks.

People are excited with good luck.

In short, through the team building activities, they exercised everyone’s body, enhanced the cohesion of the team and strengthened the communication and cooperation between employees. We believe that in future work, we will continue to work together to create more glorious performance!