Exact Medical Manufacturing is growing fast. The challenge is to manage our growth as well as our day to day business.

We have to make sure our service level to current customers is maintained while we bring in new business opportunities.

We understand the reason for our growth, clearly, we are doing something right, and customers value our commitment! Of course, we need to continue to ensure delivery fill rate remains high without compromising on quality. Every day we need to focus and accelerate, how do we do that?

We see expansion throughout our organization, in production, sales, and in management. All of them have the same focus. Focus on existing business and manage growth!

All this expansion required a bigger office for the European hub.

In January this year the European team changed office location, new office is located on the same street and expanded with more workstations to accommodate new team members. Our new office is situated near the highway A59 near Den Bosch in the Netherlands.

We have welcomed a new Export Manager; Henri Hooijen; in this new position, he will help to serve our customers. In the near future we expect to enlist a new member for our Customer Service.

In our acceleration of Sales, People, Space, Products we promise to Focus on the needs of our customers!