By Jake Perrotti

Long term planning for companies has become increasingly difficult with the myriad of issues ravaging the supply chain. At this point, it seems every day additional problems rear their ugly heads which are outside a company’s control; thus, requiring immediate adjustment to manufacturing and distribution strategies so they have the ability to support their customer base in the short term. This begs the question; how does a company maintain dedication to long term plans while managing a supply chain that is in continual change?

While specific actions can vary immensely between markets and services from company to company, I want to share the guiding principle I have witnessed our ownership continuously invoke throughout this ongoing crisis. Our President, Dave Power summarized it perfectly in the following quote: “Long term planning is a must, but in an ever-changing world, flexibility is needed.” This encapsulates two important points. First, long term plans for any company vying to remain competitive and achieve unremitting growth requires established goals and objectives that need to be continuously managed and maintained. Second, flexibility is a necessity when dealing with short term shortages and delays. What future does a company have, then, if it cannot support its customers when they need it most?

A great example of these ideals in practice was our recent expansion of an additional manufacturing facility earlier this year. We had just opened a state-of-the-art facility in 2017, consolidating our warehousing and production under the same roof with room for expansion. With the shortages in the market that began to appear shortly after February of 2020, it became apparent that we needed to adjust to the needs of our customer base, as their supply needs began to increase at an extensive rate quickly. Identifying the need to expand quickly to support our existing customers was needed much sooner than anticipated but was met appropriately by our ownership. We now have added an additional, fully operational facility with further room for expansion to continue our dedicated support to our customers.

In the end, if a company is unable to adapt to the needs of its clients, regardless of long-term plans, it will not have a future. You can adjust the plan but never the goal.


Biography of Jake Perrotti


Jake has worked for the Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. team since December of 2016. He has contributed in a number of ways over the last few years including sales, sourcing and customer account management as well as being instrumental on new product development projects.

Prior to working at Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. Jake completed his associate degree in business administration from Erie Community College and his bachelor’s in business management from Buffalo State University.

Jake enjoys all things sports including a life-long fandom for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers. His hobbies include snowboarding, basketball, and fishing as well as spending time with friends and family.