By Scott Drosendahl

They say time flies when you’re having fun… well it’s been nearly two years already since I was given the opportunity to join Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. and it sure has flown by.  From traveling abroad to China twice, the Netherlands and throughout the United States it has been quite the ride thus far.  With my individual workload increasing dramatically from year one to year two, so has everyone else’s on our team.

From here at our New York office, to our manufacturing facility in Changzhou and at our Netherlands office, we all have shouldered a heavier load with one common goal in mind.  Delivering product that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.  This means we all must strive to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively amongst one another, and strive to maximize our output on a daily basis.

Sales has done a great job diversifying our customer base and continuously growing business.  Both great things, but with this comes added responsibilities on our end.  It tasks the support team and I with identifying each of your needs and making them all a priority.  YOU are what makes us tick here because your success matters and busy is a great thing to be.  From an uptick in product development due to the wide array of new technology hitting the market, regulatory and quality discussions, sampling, and weekly communication with each of you, we stay with our plates full.

The reward is the end result and boy is it gratifying.  Again, delivering a product that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.  We work together to achieve this common goal because it is what we strive for as a whole at EMM.  Every communication in between these opportunities you present us with, allows them to come to fruition.  The devil is in the details and keep them coming!

Biography of Scott Drosendahl

Scott Drosendahl joined the Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. team in September of 2017, taking a role in Sales and Technical Support.  He brings a positive attitude and upbeat personality to work each day.

Prior to working at EMM, Scott was an Account Executive at a Logistics Brokerage in Buffalo, NY.  Before that he excelled as an Offensive Coordinator at his Alma Mater, now the University of Massachusetts at Mount Ida located in Newton, MA.

During undergrad, Scott was a 4-year student-athlete leading his team to their first title and NCAA playoff appearance in history as a Senior.  He majored in Criminal Justice, concentrated in Law where he received multiple academic honors upon graduating.  Most notable, he was a cum laude recipient.

From there he accepted an offer to move to Tampere, Finland to join a small market American Football organization for several months before returning to Massachusetts to pursue coaching football.

He currently resides in Grand Island, NY.  With his free time, he loves helping at his local Boys & Girls Club, staying active by getting outdoors, playing football and basketball in several co-ed leagues around the Buffalo, NY area and spending time with family and friends.