By: Eric Schneider


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future” – John F Kennedy


Now more than ever before, companies all over the world are facing change and complexity — the coronavirus pandemic has presented us all with new challenges, new circumstances, and new uncertainties.  Jobs are morphing, shrinking, and disappearing; co-workers, teammates, and technology are changing.


Adaptability is a requirement. Because change is constant and inevitable, companies must be flexible to succeed.


You can’t stop forward progress. Things won’t always be like they have always been. You don’t have to become a technology nerd or understand the intricacies of every invention. That would be impossible. What you do need is an open mind. You need to think about how your customers want to conduct business. What technologies are they implementing? How can you make their experience better?  I see some businesses so focused on their own needs, that they forget who they are really serving.


That is a huge distinction. Business was not created for us. It was created to serve others.


If you keep this mindset, adapting to new technology becomes a little easier. Of course, there will be challenges and frustrations. There always is with change and progress, but keep in mind why you are making the changes. For your customers.


At EMM, we are constantly embracing change as an opportunity to strengthen areas of the business wherever it is applicable, such as our internal computer and MRP systems, production flow, and the overall processes we follow for new product development and engineering design. This helps EMM streamline and become ever more efficient, in a constantly changing world.


EMM President David Power and Vice President Ryan Power, have been at the forefront of leading the team to focus on the positive aspects that comes along with system changes. It is now a culture that we all have embraced to ultimately be a shining example for our customers.



Biography of Eric Schneider



Eric Schneider is Manager of Quality and Regulatory Assurance and Team Leader of the Technical Sales support division, of Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc., Eric brings 12 years of experience in the Medical device field, with a wide range of varied responsibilities, from sales, project management, and customer service to working very close with the FDA and TUV to make sure EMM is in compliance with their strict and ever-changing requirements.


Eric’s greatest strengths are his close attention to detail, untiring self – motivation, and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He excels at either working on his own projects, or collaborating with his team members to get the most positive results and outcome possible.


Prior to working for EMM, Eric was a Customer Care Manager and Project Manager for Level 3 Communications for 10 years, gaining valuable experience in many aspects of a technical environment that have transitioned nicely to EMM strict standards of excellence.


Eric holds an Associate’s Degree from Erie Community College in Business Administration, with honors, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with honors, from Buffalo State College.


Eric lives in Hamburg, NY with his wife and two teenage sons. In his spare time, he likes live music, playing and watching multiple sports, runs, travel, and working in his yard.