By: Samantha Riso

The slogan, “Bringing the Total Package: One Missing Element and All is Lost” is one that should not be forgotten.  The “total package” means bringing several different aspects or elements together to make a whole.  Here at Exact Medical Manufacturing, we believe that every different element and aspect of the company is very important.  Without one department, the others would not exist, from the employees in our New York and European offices, to the team and facility in China.  Just like that of a puzzle piece, all departments connect to one another from all different directions, and if you are missing one piece, the puzzle will never be complete.  All will be Lost.

Every department has its own responsibilities and duties that affect one another; originating with the customer’s need for a product and the Sales and Engineering team working together to determine what material and what specific dimensions are necessary to satisfy the customer’s needs.  There are numerous steps within the engineering, sample and approval stages that need to be followed to make sure the customer is receiving exactly what they want and are expecting.  The next step would be consulting with our Regulatory Department to make sure all aspects of the project, including material, machines and processes are validated and all regulatory requirements and measures are being met and followed.

Our team in China will then create the specifications to follow and produce off of to ensure that every product is made correctly for every order that is placed with Exact Medical.  Once those are received, the Customer Service Department effectively works with many departments to enter the order and confirm everything is correct before the order is sent to the China team and customer so that the order can be produced.  The purchasing, production and packaging team then all work together to get the product ready to ship, looking at the quantity and details of each product, including material and finished good inspection, before products are sent out to every customer.

Lastly, our Customer Service and Finance Departments step in to make sure the customer is receiving the product ordered and that all proper documentation has been received and/or provided.

The different steps listed above describe just a few ways how Exact Medical pays attention to all the different aspects of a project and to all the supporting details.  These standard operating procedures are put into place to make sure everything runs smoothly and goes as planned.  Without them, all could be lost, and errors would be made.  That is why, here at Exact Medical, all departments work as a team and details are taken seriously.

Additionally, being at the right place at the right time can also be important.  Opportunities can be lost if you are not ready to jump on them when they present themselves.  Being able to provide customer service and warehousing close to our customers, on every continent, is just another example as to how Exact Medical can ‘Bring the Total Package’ to every single one of our customers.  We are also constantly improving our facilities, processes, and procedures to give our customers the confidence that everything is done to regulation and ensuring the all-around experience is an enjoyable one, now and in the future.

Having all these procedures in place creates an environment that can create room for growth and guarantee the process of working with EMM is easy and straightforward. Customers do not have time to waste or money to spend where it is not deserved; that is why Exact Medical is here to provide the best choice when it comes to choosing a supplier.  We work around the clock to get our customers exactly what they need, and moreover, deserve.  Details and every element is, without a doubt, important and always taken seriously.

I believe the slogan we are using in our logo, “Manufacturing with Integrity” can also support the fact that if you have one missing element, all can be lost.  Integrity is a term which refers to the quality of being whole and complete.  This definition, therefore, enforces the fact that once you start removing or abandoning just one or two detail requirements, it has the potential to hurt your business, possibly resulting in undesirable outcomes. Prioritizing the importance of each detail and all departments collaborating and working together is important so that no elements are forgotten, and as a result, all is not lost.

Biography of Samantha Riso

Samantha Riso serves as Senior Technical Sales Support, and she has been with the Exact Medical team since 2010.  She is a goal-driven employee that strives to put forth great effort to make the customers happy.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the company and takes on many different roles.

Being a part of the Regulatory and Quality Department, Samantha ensures that all requests and orders run smoothly not only for the customers but for her co-workers as well. This position gives her the ability to support the Exact Medical Sales team with their developments with new and existing customers.  Allowing her to always be looking for ways to help the company grow and expand within the upcoming years.

Samantha graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems.  In her free time she enjoys traveling.