Director of Operations Press Release

It is with great pleasure that EMM announces that Samantha Riso is our new Director of Operations.  Since she joined our team, Samantha has been a part of many different departments within the company.  This allowed her to better understand the processes within the company from start to finish.  Whether she was involved in sales support, customer service or the finance department, she has taken on every experience to the best of her ability and contributed in any way she could.

We have no doubt that she will continue to prosper and help the company grow as she starts this new position at EMM.  Samantha will oversee the day-to-day processes of the EMM NY office and will dedicate her expertise in developing and helping with employee and customer needs, among many other tasks and responsibilities.

I hope you welcome Samantha into her new role as Director of Operations and please let her know if you need anything in the future.

Biography of Samantha Riso

Samantha Riso has been with the Exact Medical team since 2010.  She is a goal driven employee that strives to put forth great effort to make the customers happy.  She is very well rounded in the company and takes on many different roles. 

Samantha graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems.  She loves to spend time with her dog, friends and family as well as a love for travel.