On April 9th, 2018, Exact Medical Manufacturing CN completed 1.5 hours of a firefighting training and evacuation seminar.  Ensuring all workers are safe when at the factory is extremely important to EMM.

During the training, the instructor provided all employees with fire safety knowledge.  Everyone learned how to use fire extinguishers, how to put out a fire and how to properly escape if a fire were to happen.  EMM CN’s Human Resources Manager, Ruwei, has been assigned as the Safety Environmental Supervisor, overseeing all fire safety tasks.  Some of Ruwei’s tasks are to routinely check the expiration dates on all fire extinguishers and fire hydrants and to confirm that all emergency exits and escape ways are not blocked at any time.  These tasks will be done twice during the day.  As well, a guard will go around all buildings, office areas, workshops, yards and the employee dormitories at night to carefully check that everything complies to all the safety rules.  Detailed records of each inspection will also be kept.

In the event of a fire risk or other safety problems, the team will work with the involved department quickly to resolve the situation.  Ruwei has been trained by professional firemen to detect potential fire safety risks and put out early fires.  He has learned how to assemble the workers so they can evacuate quickly and in an efficient manner.  Internal training will also be provided to other employees in the factory when necessary.

EMM CN factory now has approximately 40 fire extinguishers and 10 fire hydrants. After this training, we will purchase 10 hand-held fire extinguishers, which can be used to put out solid based, liquid based and electric based fires.  EMM CN has also purchased smoke masks to avoid smoke inhalation in the event a fire does occur.  To stay in accordance to the Chinese safety laws, EMM CN will hold this firefighting seminar and evacuation training twice a year.