EMM CN’s Factory held our annual spring team-building activity on May 7th, 2023, under the theme “Moving Forward Together, Embracing Happiness, and Experiencing Extraordinary.”

The activities started with President David Powers inspiring speech highlighting the company’s past achievements and encouraging everyone to join hands for a brighter future. He also introduced Jake Perrotti, Chief Operating Officer, to all the EMM CN employees.

In the morning, we participated in a series of exciting team-building games, showcasing our teamwork and competitive spirit.

The first game is “Circle to the End”, where every 15 people are in a group. The group members hold hands and pass the hoop without using their hands. The group that completes the circle first ultimately wins.

The second game is “Blindfolded Fight”, where the players in the circle cover their eyes and hit each other with a soft blow-up hammer. The players who are hit by others then lose the game, and the last players who are not reached ultimately win the game.

The third game is “Three People, Four Legs”, where three people form a group, where two close individuals tie their legs together and compete for a run. The first group to reach the finish line wins.

Lastly, the fourth game is “Chair Fight”, where everyone will listen to some music and spin around together. The music stops and they quickly find a chair to sit down on. Those who haven’t grabbed the chair will be eliminated.

EMM prepares all kinds of prizes for the winners as well as every participant. Below are photos of the awards with all involved having a great time.

At noon, EMM prepared a delicious and sumptuous feast, some fruit, cookies, drinks, and barbecue for everyone to enjoy, especially our team members kids. The event also includes a series of wonderful performances, including a live band, dance, magic shows, and clown performances.

To thank everyone for their hard work in the past, we set up a lottery activity in the afternoon, and all employees who participated in the activities had the opportunity to be drawn.  Everyone is excited about this!

The whole activity filled day was welcomed with joy and happiness. Through this event, employees’ cultural life was enriched, their spirits enhanced, their friendships strengthened, and the company’s cohesion and centripetal force were boosted, injecting new vitality into the company’s continuous development.