By: Elaine Lu

Once in a while I noticed my boss David Power staring through the window of the workshop. I approached him curiously. He turned to me and asked, “What do you see through the window?” I replied without hesitation that I saw busy production. He shook his head gently and told me gravely that what he sees is “responsibility.”


“yes” He further explained, “Each individual is closely related to and bears obligation to others–that’s what we call responsibility.” His words made me lost in deep thought.

Since its establishment, EMM has shouldered responsibility to its employees, customers, partners and the society and thus has built a good reputation and image. David Power has made positive impact on each EMM employee and myself. Each of us deeply engraves “responsibility” in our mind and pass this value on.

Internal Responsibility


Each employee is responsible for his or her family while EMM takes responsibility for each employee. EMM holds the belief that its employees are its most valuable assets. The company has the responsibility and obligation to ensure life and health of its employees as well as income and treatment. EMM provides each employee with a comprehensive training program when he or she is hired. The most important part of the training is safety training. EMM strives to establish an accident-free working environment for its employees. Every piece of manufacturing equipment is safeguarded and safety slogan is everywhere. Senior management at EMM performs safety audit regularly to eliminate potential safety hazards. Each employee is encouraged to perform the highest safety behaviors by given safety awards.

“Responsibility” also permeates into EMM quality management system. Although every employee repeats a manufacturing process every day, they are aware that every product they produce is closely connected with the life of a patient and the happiness of a family. Every employee produces product strictly in accordance with operation specifications and inspect each product carefully according to quality standard. EMM also gives each employee numerous opportunities to improve their work skills because EMM knows that if company wants to fulfill its responsibility, they must reply on joint efforts of its employees.

During pandemic time in 2019Y, not only has the price of raw materials skyrocketed, but the supply was also in unprecedented shortage. EMM did not forget why we started but kept “responsibility” firmly in our mind. Rather than compromise on quality, EMM decided to suffer loss and continue to purchase high-quality raw materials at a high price so that products could be delivered timely to end user.

External Responsibility


EMM abides by laws and regulations, provide social employment resources, pay taxes according to law and oppose unfair competition. Meanwhile, EMM actively participates in public activities. When terrified coronavirus broke out in 2019Y, EMM readily donated tens of thousands of face shield to the local hospitals that were in desperate need. In 2021Y, when rainstorm hit Zhengzhou city badly and many citizens became homeless, EMM again made quick response to victims of natural disaster. EMM donated a considerable amount in cash and also in-kind contributions. Like David Power said, “People are people regardless where they are from. In the end, when people are in trouble, it is the right thing to help them.”

In addition to the pursuit of commercial profits, EMM fulfills its social responsibility and make contributions to social environment, customers and the society. “Responsibility” means to abide by the commitment and the courage to take responsibility, which means that the enterprise will win the hearts and minds of the people. Responsible enterprises will gain higher customer loyalty. A company with a sense of responsibility is bound to achieve long-term and stable development.

Elaine Lu has been with Exact Medical for over 10 years and is currently the Director of Operations of Exact’s two manufacturing facilities in Changzhou, China.  She has the responsibility to champion and manage EMM’s principles, beliefs and activities to over 750 of EMM’s Chinese employees.