Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s

As the ever-evolving medical field sustains growth in all aspects, we at Exact Medical Manufacturing are tasked with staying ahead of the curve by adapting with these rapid advancements while ensuring that we stay true to our identity which is “Manufacturing with integrity.”  That is why the cliché saying “crossing T’s and dotting I’s” has never been more important.

Our customers rely on our experience and expertise to overcome challenges; whether they be design, manufacturing, regulatory, packaging or logistics related.  You’ll often hear the phrase “there is no substitute for intimate knowledge” shared here at our office in New York when meeting to review projects and new opportunities.  As a tight knit team that strives for continuous improvement and synergy amongst our NY, China, and European locations, we are able to handle any obstacles that arise head on by referencing knowledge gained from experiences with past projects while utilizing each of our abilities effective and efficiently.  EMM proactively approaches change by diligently learning, offering concise communication, providing informative input, and giving guidance to our customers that most competitors circumvent themselves from.

From our preparedness to submit and receive our MDR certification as we transitioned from MDD, our annual readiness for the Chinese New Year shutdown, to forecasting of existing and new opportunities alike, upper management on down to our sales support department understands the importance of every detail.  No matter how miniscule they may seem in the grand scheme of things.  This helps mitigate issues that may arise and promotes our customers’ success, which will always be our success.

Effective communication is key at all levels of business, from our interactions with our diverse customer base to internal communications amongst our colleagues at our New York office, manufacturing facilities in China and at our European office in the Netherlands.  We must ensure we are up to date and in compliance with the most recent revisions by certified governing regulatory bodies, which relates to the effort we put into absorbing what each day offers and applying it as a resource you can depend on in the future.

The steps taken and benefits EMM offers ensure our employees and their families are taken care of, which speaks volumes in comparison to today’s corporate landscape.  It’s one of the main reasons why we retain so many employees and sustain growth at our manufacturing facilities NY and EU offices.  That investment EMM has made in us is reciprocated, paying dividends which enables us to revert to the importance of “crossing T’s and dotting I’s.”  As cliché as it sounds, it is applicable at every level of business we conduct when you take the time to reflect on what it really means.

Biography of Scott Drosendahl

Scott Drosendahl joined the Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. team in September of 2017, taking a role in Sales and Technical Support.  He brings a positive attitude and upbeat personality each day while  challenging himself to be better.

Prior to working at EMM, Scott was an Account Executive at a Logistics Brokerage.  Before that he excelled as an Offensive Coordinator at his alma mater, Mount Ida College, in Newton, MA where he had been a 4-year student-athlete graduating Cum Laude with his bachelor’s degree.  Upon graduating he accepted an offer to move to Tampere, Finland to join a small market American Football organization there for several months before his return.

He currently resides in East Aurora, NY.  With his free time, he loves staying active by participating in recreational sports, getting outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.