Fighting Change

By Lynn Zalikowski

It is often said that the only constant in this world is change. Change can bring on so many different emotions, fear, anxiety, nostalgia, and excitement. When we stay complacent with our current situation, we may never know if we could make things better. In the past year, our EMM NY office has been tasked with many changes. New employees have been added, training initiatives were created, the replacement of legacy software and a full remodel of our office has created many trials of embraced change.

As change is inevitable, there are different things you can do to manage it. Depending on how you manage it, your well-being may be significantly impacted. When you can embrace it, you are better able to navigate uncertainty with resilience. Change is often resisted because it can hurt and cause resentment.

Dealing with a loss of control can be a significant factor in why employees go against change. Your sense of self-determination may be challenged when that change comes from a decision someone else has made for you. Employees who face changes without warning are more likely to resist them. As creatures of habit, routines become particularly important to us. Any detour from our routines can be distracting, confusing, and uncomfortable. Since change is a departure from the past, employees often feel compelled to defend why it is not needed. While the past may be celebrated, it is also important to recognize that as the world evolves, we have the opportunity to grow and adapt along with it.

EMM NY has gone through a great deal of change within the last year to make sure we are looking towards the future. The ripple effects of these changes will indeed affect the way our customers see us as an innovative force in the medical field. 

Biography of Lynn Zalikowski

Lynn Zalikowski has been with the Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. U.S. office since June of 2013, starting off in Sales Support. She eventually transitioned over to the Customer service. Additional tasks were added this year as she also assists the Director of Operations with daily tasks. She prides herself on being very meticulous and focused on providing great communication within the company.

Prior to working at EMM, Lynn worked in banking, mortgage lien releases and the auto finance industry. While working in these roles, she gained valuable experience and knowledge when it comes to taking care of customers and time management skills.

Lynn has an Associates Degree from Bryant & Stratton College in Business Management/Customer Relations.  She grew up traveling both abroad and in the U.S. as her father was in the Air Force.

She currently resides in Lancaster, New York with her husband, Keith and two children, Jacob, 20 and Shelby, 17. Traveling, doing things outside, going to concerts and taking care of her 16-year-old rescue dog Bruiser is how she likes to spend her time. She loves animals and would love to someday become a foster for rescue animals.