On April 26th, 2020, the EMM CN Team celebrated the Chinese May Day Holiday, also known as International Workers’ Day.  All the workers celebrate their contributions to their country.  EMM CN celebrated the holiday together outside of our factory.

There was a total of 456 people celebrating together that day.  There were fun and lively competitions that took place.  Some of the events that took place were singing and different dance groups, a large tug a war, a balloon game, and even a clown handing out balloons and doing different jokes.





Memorable prizes were handed out to the winners for some of the different events that took place.



Everyone there was also able to indulge themselves in an enjoyable lunch.


These different celebrations were fun for everyone and gave our team time to enjoy themselves. These festivities were also just what everyone needed to help demonstrate and appreciate all the hard work they have been doing recently.