In September 2020, the EMM NY Team went to Buffalo Riverworks for a team building experience.

The entire office was able to participate in several activities.  There was healthy competition, lots of comradery and trust building exercises for everyone to enjoy.

The first activity was the ropes course.  Team members were able to partake in a two-level course where they had to accomplish each obstacle one after the other.  Swaying back and forth hanging on for dear life was exhilarating and fun.  To complete the course, you had to hook your harness on to a zip line for a 150’ ride to safety.




Afterwards we all sat down and appreciated each other’s company while enjoying a big lunch.

Next, team members took on the rock wall, which had varying degrees of difficulty.  Trying to go as high as they could to ring the bell at the top before repelling back down. Many were able to complete the challenge while everyone was looking up to cheer them on.


Lastly, some team members took the kayaks out to enjoy paddling the Buffalo River and wrap up the day’s activities.

Everyone received a gift from the company to show appreciation for all their hard work in achieving EMM’s success.  We can’t wait to see what the next team building experience has in store.