By: David Power

Exact Medical’s China operations are in holiday at this time celebrating the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival in anticipation of the coming Year of the Pig.

This ends the 2nd year that the Exact Medical’s fully owned Factory has been open, but it is the 10th year since Exact Medical was started as a business and it is the 40th year since I started doing business in China. A long time to be sure.

In celebration of the factories strong year end and anticipation of a dynamic year to come, a dinner and party was held and attended by our China Team Members – over 350 strong.

I am pleased to report, contrary to general management thinking in China, the EMM CN factory has successfully incorporated management methods and approaches that seamlessly have merged Western and Eastern Culture.

We have incorporated

Highly effective Quality and Regulatory Systems – attested by Regulatory Agencies and Customers Routine and Favorable Audits

Self-Managed Work Teams that clearly understand the Goals of the Team and achieve same without oversight

Synergy based compensation and reward systems that closely align the Goals of the Company with the Goals of the Team Member – Fostering a high energy, success driven operation.

These commitments and achievements have spawned significant rewards for our company. We can report in the last year we have secured business from more than 2 dozen new clients and have successfully developed over 50 new products.

While many pursue China for the reduction of cost to be achieved there, we are also fully committed to performance excellence which too reaps a strong reward.

In celebration of these achievements our team had quite the party.

Awards were given to the team members that demonstrated throughout the year the highest levels of performance and team leadership.

Different Teams provided entertainment and demonstrated significant skill in more that manufacturing product.

            Complex Drape Production Dancers                                Probe Cover Production Member and            Traditional Chinese Song Performer

Angio Drape Production Members – A skit about a father finding a                         Custom Equipment Cover Production with Traditional Songs

                                husband for his daughter

                        Engineering and Sample Team dancing in the dark                 Joyce from the Customer Service Team on Ukulele – quite skilled she is

In addition to the entertainment prizes there was a host of rewards and prizes for all of our valued team members

We also take special pride in our Production Manager Peter and the Factory Team Leader Elaine who manages the entire facility of Exact Medical

I wish to thank all of Exact Medical’s Stakeholders for the commitments and support that has allowed us to achieve significant progress and keeps us on the path of future success.