Taking the Long Way Around

“Taking the long way around” is a phrase typically used to describe a scenic route when another quicker option is available, one of leisure and relaxation. While leisure and relaxation sound nice for every day, speed and efficiency are needed in the ever-changing world of the medical device manufacturing business, but that speed and efficiency cannot come at the cost of thoroughness and accuracy. At Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. we strive for efficiency, accuracy, and communication, which was achieved through our 26 years of business by taking the long way around at the beginning of the trip.

The process of a new project to the customer is straightforward: You either see a product you want, or you need one made, we make up the samples, you like them, so you put an order through, and we deliver it to your door. The process is supposed to be as easy as we can make it for the customer, on the other side of that is our job to take what you as the customer need and put it through our procedures to give you the best possible product. That process means reaching out through our carefully built framework of contacts to provide our customers with the product that best fits your needs.

Exact Medical is an intricate web of communication across two business offices in separate countries, two manufacturing factories in China, a business office on-site of manufacturing, countless suppliers, language barriers and much more. The thought and care that goes into creating a streamlined system of communication between each level of person is something that had to be built carefully. That same level of care goes into communication with our customers to ensure we are meeting whatever need arises whether that be adjusting existing products to meet specific needs or creating a new product from scratch.

The web of contacts and information at our fingertips was built through careful consideration from the beginning, starting from the vision of our president, Dave Power, to then meeting customer needs, to existing materials and products, custom-made items, with the final product arriving at your door. The scenic route was already taken & an efficient path cut through it with our values as a company at the forefront.


Elizabeth Perrotti is a Technical Sales Support Representative at Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. Elizabeth brings 2 years of experience in the medical device field, with a range of responsibilities varying from customer service to project management.

Elizabeth’s greatest strengths are her close attention to detail, self-motivation, and the ability to pivot in multiple directions. She looks forward to each new challenge to learn and deepen her knowledge in the field. She excels at working on her own projects or collaborating with her team members to get the most positive result and best outcome possible.

Prior to working for EMM, Elizabeth was a Team Lead at Western New York Dental Group for 3 years, gaining valuable experience in customer communication, problem solving & interpersonal relations.

Elizabeth holds an Associate Degree from Erie Community College in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree from Buffalo State University in Business Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, cooking & spending time with family.