By: Nathan Wicka

With the ever increasing boom in technology and information, getting ones business message out can be easier said than done. While the invention of the World Wide Web has made it easier for businesses to get their message out, it has also created an age of information overload. Consumers are constantly being bombarded by texts, emails, news and social media. This is why it is so important for businesses to zero in on the right target audience to share ones message. More importantly in sales, when given extended time in front of potential customers, it is critical to convey a clear strong message.

The first step is know your target audience. Having a great message means nothing if it isn’t received by the right people. For example, Exact Medical Manufacturing (EMM) is a custom OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of disposable operating room products. Our target customers are medical procedural kit packers, medical device manufactures, as well as medical supply distributors. To go even deeper, the target contacts within those specific businesses would be marketing and engineering managers and contacts within purchasing/sourcing. When looking to zero in on your target audience, think “Who is the decision maker?”

Now that you have your target audience, what channels can you use to reach them? Also, what will give me the most bang for my buck? Below are just a few examples:

You know your target audience. You understand the channels to use to reach your audience. All that means nothing without being able to deliver a clear, concise message. One issue I deal with on a consistent basis is misconceptions and stereotypes related to overseas manufacturing. At Exact Medical Manufacturing, it is because of our core message of “Manufacturing With Integrity” & “Doing Chinese Manufacturing Right,” that I can address and breakthrough this stereotype.

Let me use EMM as an example. When prospecting or working with current and potential customers, I try to address three questions within my core messaging.

Why do I need the product?

As sales people, it is so easy to be on your own agenda and to begin overloading your customer with too much information. Instead, it is important to uncover what your potential customer’s needs and or current issues are. Look to be a problem solver. This goes back to some extent of understanding your target audience. For example, I look to find out what are some current sourcing issues or headaches they may be having. Is it quality, delivery/logistics, pricing, something else, or a combination of multiple issues?  Once I know what my customer’s needs are, I can then form my message and answer the next question.

Why do I need to get that product from Exact Medical?

This is where the meat of your message comes into play. This is where you provide the benefits to your customer and differentiate yourself from your competition.

For example, let’s go back to my issue of dealing with misconceptions and stereotypes of overseas manufacturing. One of the topics I hear is inconsistent quality of products. I hear stories ranging from receiving a good first order of product only to have the quality regress on future orders.

This is where I address why Exact Medical is the solution to the problem and again address our core message that “Exact Medical Manufactures with Integrity & does Chinese Manufacturing the Right Way.”

Why do I need it today?

This last question is where one would look to create a sense of urgency. Give the customer a reason to want to move forward with placing an order, or the continuation of a sourcing project, or custom product development project. It may be a special pricing based off volume or timing of order. It may be a guarantee offered to the customer on an order.

In conclusion, remember when looking to get your message out, know your audience and know what proper channels to use to reach that audience. Then uncover your customers’ needs and get on their agenda. Based off their needs, develop a clear, concise message. Answer the questions with your message: Why do I need the product? Why do I need it from you? Why do I need it today?

Bio of Nathan Wicka

Nathan has spent the past 11 years successfully selling in the Medical Healthcare Industry. He has a unique perspective and experience in selling both directly to the end user and also as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). His experience and understanding of each role in the sales process is integral and very beneficial in his current role as Business Development Manager (EMM US).

Nathan has both Domestic and International sales experience. In addition to the U.S. Market, over the last 5 years, he has been successfully involved in projects that have taken place in the Australian, Canadian, European, Middle Eastern, South American, African and Chinese Markets.

Nathan is a self-driven, self-motivated & hard worker who really enjoys working with customers to help solve problems and grow business. He understands the importance of great support & customer service.  Furthermore, Nathan’s high motor and positive can-do attitude help make the high stress sourcing/supplying process an enjoyable one.

It is Nathan’s characteristics mentioned above, in addition to the price competitiveness and high quality products Exact Medical manufacturers, which differentiate Exact Medical from other overseas medical manufacturers.

On a personal note, Nathan is a big Buffalo sports fan. He enjoys playing ice hockey and skiing in his free time.