At the end of July this year, under the influence of Typhoon “Doksuri”, heavy rainfall occurred in China’s Hebei province. The rainfall was violent, wide-ranging, and intense, with heavy and torrential rain falling in many places.  In particular, the residents in Hebei were severely affected by the disaster, with water and power being cut off.  More than 2 million people are suffering because of this natural disaster.

As a socially responsible company in this time of crisis, Exact Medical immediately contacted the Red Cross Society within the Hebei province to learn about some of the local emergency supplies needed, and quickly completed the procurement.  Food and necessities such as bread, noodles, drinking water, raincoats, rain shoes, disinfectant wipes, sanitizer and so on were urgently needed in the disaster areas directly affected.

Pictured are EMM’s workers in full swing loading the goods when they arrived at the factory. We contacted a special delivery truck to ensure supplies will be delivered directly to the designated disaster site. The truck driver, who is a local, was very grateful to us for helping his hometown. He thanked Exact Medical on behalf of his parents and fellow villagers.

A truck full of goods, also carrying our concern for the people of the disaster area.

After loading the supplies, and departing our factory, with our goods and blessings to the disaster area in Hebei province, we came together in solitude to fight against the flooding and wish the people a quick return to safety and good health!

With a travel distance of 1100km, a day after the departure saw the goods arriving at the designated disaster site, where the local Red Cross first responders organized the unloading and distribution. With gratitude they expressed many thanks to Exact Medical!