By: Samantha Riso

With any services or products being sold, the true value is determined by the most important factor of any capitalist venture; the customers.  Without satisfied customers, the best products and business would be worthless, and in recognizing that, it is clear that we must keep our valued customers, no matter their size, satisfied and happy to do business with us. Here at Exact Medical, we make the customers feel confident in choosing us as their supplier.  We offer the opportunity to travel overseas, tour our facilities, and ensure we are providing the best products from design to delivery.  This unique opportunity also allows our prospective and current customers see exactly where their products are manufactured and the production process.

Like Thijs van de Hoven mentioned in the Three Pillars of Success, availability, quality and competitive pricing are all important to a customer.  These factors play a role in making a customer happy, so we have no hesitation when providing this to our own customers anytime and in any way we can.

By providing customer service and warehousing close to our customers, on every continent, we are ensuring the best care and quality for every step involved in purchasing products.  Our team listens to our customers allowing us to better understand them as a whole, their wants and desires, yielding better results and better relationships.

Exact Medical strives and achieves high quality standards and our constant quality control because the success of those we supply to correlates with our success.  Thus, we would do nothing less than provide the opportunity for all customers to receive the best value for their money.

Achieving and going beyond customer expectations is more important now than ever before.  The ease and accessibility of the internet is now making life for the customer easier because everything is just a click away.  The question we have to ask ourselves as a supplier is, “Are my customers happy and what can I do to make things better so that they remain with us as we look into the future?”

All too often it becomes easy for a supplier to become too head strong and lose sight of the value each customer has for the company.  At Exact Medical, our friendly customer service representatives, innovative managerial practices, and timely sales team work around the clock to prevent such lackadaisical practices.  The customer is king, queen, and royal court, and as a supplier it is our job to ensure that that is well known.  We mutually survive off of our customers so it would make sense that we do all we can to serve and create an environment that can create room for growth and ensure the process of working with us is easy and painless. Customers, like any king, do not have time to waste or money to spend where it is not deserved; that is why Exact Medical is here to provide the best and most obvious choice when they face the decision on which supplier to choose.

Biography of Samantha Riso

Samantha Riso is the Assistant Manager of the Office and has been with the Exact Medical team since 2010.  She is a goal driven employee that strives to put forth great effort to make the customers happy.  She is very well rounded in the company and takes on many different roles. Being a part of the Regulatory and Quality Department Samantha ensures that all requests and orders run smoothly not only for the customers but for her coworkers as well. This position gives her the ability to support the Exact Medical Sales team with their developments with new and existing customers.

Expanding her knowledge within the company she is learning new processes in the Financial Department.  She is eager to help the company grow and expand within the upcoming years and cannot wait to see where it leads.

Samantha graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.  In her free time she enjoys traveling.