By: Lisa Riso


During the climb to success a company is faced with many challenges, be it internal or external factors. Challenges from governing regulation, market feedback, and design practices are all ever changing external challenges of the medical industry. Another can be complacency, stemmed from external or internal hurdles. Like anything in the medical industry, product development and marketing approval moves at a sedate rate which create stalls in projects. Over time this can lead to engineering teams moving from one project to the next only to find them hit the same wall over and over again that takes patience to climb. A process we commonly call “hurry up and wait”, but once the waiting is over commonly then the project is late and everything must go on the fast track.

Complacency sets in in the time between the waiting and next steps you gain comfort and a sense that the project is on track and cannot be altered, we see projects sit with little movement and focus erodes. One day communication will come, communication that the product passes testing, or clinical feedback and with it the race is off again. This creates a high risk area for both the manufacturer and the distributor. Now that everything is approved it is imperative to hit the market running as fast as you can. This leads to the expedition of delivery and often the overlook of procedures to expedite time. Often times this is where complacency rears its head. After a year or more of hard engineering work and securing the product viability how hard can it be to deliver? We can cut our lead time, or enter a PO and wait for confirmed specs later, or let’s order the material now and produce when the spec arrives? These are all questions we get asked by both our customers and our sales reps as the end is in sight.

It is with this approach that the procedures are overlooked and the potential for failure is at its highest point. The key to overcoming and not venturing down the rabbit hole is to sticking with your procedures and ensuring the team is focused from the day the lead arrives, until the 200th or more container has been delivered. Every step of each process is done diligently and promptly through its own appropriate path. At EMM we ensure this is done through our synergetic work environment and gateway paths of each process of each project.

EMM strives for a fully synergetic work effort, meaning that one workers self-goals are always aligned with the company’s goals through incentives, compensation, moving goals, and ensuring self-growth and expansion. As we grow as a company we are even more proud of the internal growth from our employees.

It is through this self-growth that we see the unwavering vigor of our employees and that the detail and commitment to our products, services, and procedures are always followed.


Biography of Lisa Riso


Lisa Riso is the Office Manager of Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc.  Lisa brings 23 years’ experience in administration and customer service.  Some of her responsibilities are Managing Customer Service and the Financial Department as well as overseeing Logistics.

Organization can be Lisa’s greatest strength as well as being detail-orientated and self-motivated.  She enjoys both independent work and being a team member to achieve the best results to any project.

Prior to working for Exact, Lisa was a legal administrator.  Lisa also worked in the catering industry, as well as serving as the Manager of a construction company.

Lisa resides in Cheektowaga, New York with her husband and children.  In her spare time, she loves to travel, watch sports and read.