By Joshua Mancini

Since joining Exact Medical Manufacturing earlier this year, (yes, I am the new guy) my eyes have been opened up to a whole new world of business, the healthcare industry. My transition from the automotive to healthcare industry at first seemed like a very daunting task and it can look that way for others who are changing industries as well. I am here to tell you that it can be difficult and trying at times, but it is not impossible. Below is my how to guide, a list of things I believe will make the journey to learning a new business a successful one.

  1. Intimate Knowledge – The most important step to this guide is gathering an understanding and close intimate knowledge of the products and or services your company provides. There is absolutely no substitute for having that intimate knowledge of the products, their use and the manufacturing processes required to make them. This is the foundation for moving forward and becoming successful in your new role. My following steps below all stem through striving for that intimate knowledge.
  1. Find a Mentor– I know it is obvious, but sometimes we forget that there were many employees in the same position as you. The only difference now is your coworkers have years of experience and untapped knowledge waiting to be utilized. Early on it will be clear who is most knowledgeable, but perhaps most importantly, who is willing to lend a helping hand or share some advice.
  1. Ask Questions– This is self-explanatory but I think this is vital in the learning process. Often new employees will not speak up during meetings or presentations, but I urge you to not be afraid to ask questions and do not be afraid to sound unknowledgeable. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  1. Initiative– Showing initiative is what ties all of my how to guide together. Without initiative, gathering intimate knowledge will be a slow and painful process. Knowledge and the know-how to succeed will not be handed to you. This means finding a mentor and asking questions. It is necessary to gain that up close and personal relationship with your products and services. Start from the ground up, get your hands dirty and get involved with how your product is made on the manufacturing floor, and reach out to the customers and learn about the functionality of the products.

You do not have to throw those years of experience in another industry down the drain. Instead, take those tools and skills you learned, i.e. problem solving, quality management, process engineering, and design for manufacturability and apply them to your new career and industry. By following my how to guide, I believe you will be successful in learning a new industry.

It’s working for me.

Biography of Joshua Mancini

Joshua Mancini is a Product Development Engineer for Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. and one of our newest members to the team. Prior to joining EMM, Joshua has four years’ experience as a Product Engineer working with automotive refrigerant compressors.  His experience includes involvement in the prototyping process as well as manufacturing support during plant visits to Juarez, Mexico.

Some of Joshua’s greatest strengths include his ability to problem solve, team cooperation, and ability to adapt to difficult situations. His thirst for knowledge and self-improvement proves to be a great fit for EMM and the ever-growing medical device field.

Joshua earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University at Buffalo. During his free time, he likes to participate in pickup sports such as basketball and football, as well as multiple volleyball leagues.