Meeting the Challenge; Achieving the Goal


By Peter Xiong

Production Manager – Exact Medical China


Where there is challenge, there must be opportunity. The year 2020, I have to say, was a tough year. However, EMM choose to face those challenges and grip those opportunities. Our production capacity was pushed beyond the limit. In 2020 our single factory operated at over 120% of capacity and still struggled to fill customer requirements. In the midst of those challenges, we started a new project, creating and opening EMM factory 2. We had confidence when we start the new project having the experience of opening factory 1 only four short years ago, and as a result we did it.


Why did we have such confidence and could do such things successfully? I started considering that question and have concluded the critical elements include:


  • The identification of a clear goal.
    • The team was given a very clear goal and needed parameters by Senior Management of what needed to be achieved. Having a detailed understanding of that and an understanding of the significance and value, each member of the team could then establish their individual responsibilities.
  • Creation of an effective team.
    • Team Members clearly understood what they needed to do and how to work together in the team environment to finish the task.
  • Healthy communication.
    • An effective team is made up of a group of good members capable in the needed disciplines. We don’t need for everyone to be the best on the earth, but indeed they need to grasp the professional skills for their area of responsibility.
    • The more important issue however is they need to know how to cooperate with others.
    • Healthy communication between team members is the key to bringing work to a proper conclusion.
    • People in an efficient team can understand each other’s ideas and feelings quickly and correctly which is key to keeping such a project on its time line.
  • Trust.
    • Mutual trust is one of the obvious features for an effective team.
    • As we can see in our daily interpersonal relationships that trust takes a lot of effort to nature, but is damaged easily. Without trust there is no team.
  • Sense of belonging and common purpose.
    • If the team members believe they belong to the team and are respected and appreciated in the team, they are more willing to contribute the energy and time for the goal.
    • For the team to develop their maximum potential that comradery is critical.
  • Leadership:
    • Effective leaders can bring a team through the toughest times. They can picture the long-term future and keep the team members focused.
    • They explain the possibility of change to members,
    • Encourage team members to be confident and help them understand their potential.
    • Good leaders don’t have to be instigated or controlled. Effective team leaders often play the role of coach and backing. They provide guidance and support to the team, but they don’t try to control it


In the end, these elements are key to achieving success.


In this way Exact Medical opened a new factory of

  • 250,000 square feet
  • 100,000 square feet of clean production room
  • Over 200 pieces of new production equipment – designed, purchased, installed and validated.
  • Hiring and Training of 350 new employees
  • With the implementation of our normal quality standards
    • All in 11 weeks

    A Team Accomplishment we are most proud of.