By Peter Xiong

Production Manager – Exact Medical China


Where there is challenge, there must be opportunity. The year 2020, I have to say, was a tough year. However, EMM choose to face those challenges and grip those opportunities. Our production capacity was pushed beyond the limit. In 2020 our single factory operated at over 120% of capacity and still struggled to fill customer requirements. In the midst of those challenges, we started a new project, creating and opening EMM factory 2. We had confidence when we start the new project having the experience of opening factory 1 only four short years ago, and as a result we did it.


Why did we have such confidence and could do such things successfully? I started considering that question and have concluded the critical elements include:



In the end, these elements are key to achieving success.


In this way Exact Medical opened a new factory of

  • 250,000 square feet
  • 100,000 square feet of clean production room
  • Over 200 pieces of new production equipment – designed, purchased, installed and validated.
  • Hiring and Training of 350 new employees
  • With the implementation of our normal quality standards
    • All in 11 weeks

    A Team Accomplishment we are most proud of.