By Scott Drosendahl

We’ve all found ourselves digging through archived emails specific to past and present projects alike.  It may even come to tearing our offices apart, searching for that key piece of information to jog our memory as to where we left off.  Cussing under our breaths saying it’s somewhere, just where exactly?

As frustration mounts, our subconscious thoughts wreak havoc on us knowing we should have taken that extra time to place and file these things correctly.  State Representatives John W. Bergman’s quote serves as a kind reminder; “there’s never enough time to do it right, but there’s always enough time to do it over.”  Herein leading us to the topic of discussion, multi-tasking.

The ability to multi-task is more so dictated by effort than skill.  Fortunately for all of us our effort is something we are solely responsible for controlling.  Effort put forth towards your personal organization is a key variable that is often taken for granted when you are wearing multiple hats each day.  In the medical device industry, the landscape is ever changing due to regulatory governing bodies updating and revising test methods along with good manufacturing practice requirements.  Paired with your own technological advancements, most projects initially begin by “running” only to see the pace slow dramatically to a “walk” shortly after as RA/QA departments questions and concerns arise.

That grace period of crossing T’s and dotting I’s can often lull one to sleep as things stay out of sight, out of mind, until the time comes for a realignment amongst ourselves leaving us with more actions to take care of. Therefore, excellent organizational practices are critical to both short-term and long-term success ensuring we are meeting your timelines and our own.  My job is to make certain we are doing everything in our power to help push your project to come to fruition.  Minimizing time wasted revisiting topics discussed that have already been taken care of while having any pertinent information on hand at the click of finger to share with you is of the utmost importance.  Having that ability to switch gears while maintaining consistent progress forward is necessary towards our success together.

Existing customers, prospects, and start-ups alike all have brilliant ideas that we are tasked with turning into a mutually beneficial reality.  Expediting your projects timelines comes from past experiences that remain relative.  These exciting opportunities you bring to us are all within the realm of Project Management and Sales Support at EMM as we draw from our memory banks to shift our focus in collaboration with your current needs.  It all relates back to the effort we put into absorbing what each day offers and applying it for you as a resource you can depend on.

Biography of Scott Drosendahl

Scott Drosendahl joined Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. New York’s location in September of 2017, taking a role in Project Management and Sales Support.

Prior to working at EMM, Scott was an Account Executive at a Logistics Brokerage in Buffalo, NY.  Before that he excelled as an Offensive Coordinator at his Alma Mater, Mount Ida College, now the Mount Ida Campus of UMass Amherst, located outside Boston, MA.

During undergrad, Scott was a 4-year student-athlete receiving multiple academic and athletic awards. Upon graduating he accepted an offer to join the Tampere Saints, a European American Football organization located in Tampere, Finland before returning to Massachusetts to pursue coaching football.

He currently resides in Williamsville, NY.  With his free time, he loves volunteering at his local Boys & Girls Club, participating in several recreational athletic leagues around the Buffalo, NY area as well as spending time with family and friends.