By: Samantha Riso


I believe certain aspects of our lives change overtime, for many parts in the world do not stay the same forever.  Relationships with individuals and customers change, tasks and job duties transform and get modified, and technology is always improving.

Personally, I have seen many stages of Exact Medical and their growth now that I have been a part of the EMM family for over 10 years.  Tasks, processes and new customers arise but the overall goal has stayed the same.  As our Vice President, Ryan Power, has said “at EMM, we strive for partnership and transparency while ensuring the utmost integrity in our products and process.”

EMM is always analyzing and listening to the world around us so that we are always on top of what is going on and to try to stay in front of any curve balls that might be thrown our way.  We believe we have shown this especially throughout the past two years; proactively ordering more raw material during the pandemic to ensure we would have enough to fulfill our customers’ orders, as well as trying to secure shipping containers and truckers as soon as possible during the current logistics crisis, for they have been more expensive and harder to find.  These are just two examples of how EMM adapts to what is going on and how new procedures are put into place to refrain from any delays or troubles.

Over the past year not only have all individuals in the world had to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic, but businesses as a whole have had to change.  Not being able to meet with customers face to face to work on new or existing projects has been a bit challenging.  We have overcome this with scheduling endless calls and video chats to stay as connected as possible.  Even though some daily tasks have gone back to “normal”, we find it useful to still use some of the new programs and procedures now.  These new opportunities and tenancies used have also allowed us to grow our perspectives and is now our new method we practice on a daily basis.

EMM’s capabilities and experiences have also become more elaborate and in-depth.  Having to adapt to new procedures not only from the FDA and European regulations, but also the new procedures requested by our customers.  These additional measures now allow us to not only have better results and qualifications but also more experience to pass along to new and existing customers.  As EMM grows and becomes more successful, so do our customers.  We believe that we are not a transactional business, but instead we build relationships with our customers and are able to call them friends and family.  We listen to what they have to say and what they need, and therefore are able to build a foundation and earn trust with them.  We care about their success and growth and that’s why we will do everything we can to help with whatever is needed.  We are determined to communicate efficiently, effectively, and honestly while also being transparent. Hopefully, in return we build a partnership with our EMM customers.

Not only has EMM grown with our customers, but EMM has also grown as a whole.  We have welcomed many new team members and have grown exponentially.  We also opened the doors to a new factory after Chinese New Year this year; thus, expanding our abilities.  These are examples of how EMM is doing everything we can to help those around us, fulfilling more orders, welcoming new customers, and adding new products to our catalog.  EMM is not afraid of change, which allows us to develop and adapt to the world around us.