Exact Medical Manufacturing is thrilled to announce our recent membership in SEDEX.

SEDEX, which stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is an esteemed online platform designed for Manufactures to uphold and share data regarding ethical and responsible practices with their clientele.

As a leading not-for-profit organization, SEDEX offers a comprehensive online database enabling both buyers and suppliers to exchange crucial information about the sustainability, responsibility, and ethics of their business operations.

This membership empowers us to assess and uphold the ethical standards of Exact Medical Manufacturing as a supplier.

By partnering with SEDEX, we uphold not only our own ethical values but also ensure alignment with the standards of the companies that we collaborate with.

This commitment assures our partners that they source exclusively from an ethical and responsible partner, fostering trust and integrity throughout the supply chain.

SEDEX certification is sought after by organizations seeking to showcase their dedication to ethical and responsible business practices within their supply chains.

The benefits for your and our business are manifold:

Efficient Reporting: Streamline data sharing, saving both time and resources.

Performance Enhancement: Utilize SEDEX resources to continually improve and refine our ethical practices.

In conclusion, our SEDEX Certification serves as an invaluable resource for our partners committed to enhancing their ethical business practices, promoting transparency within supply chains, and elevating their brand reputation.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any assistance in connecting with your account.  We look forward to assisting you!