By: Jake Perrotti

My philosophies of selling have evolved over time. When I started my position with Exact these ideas were learned from college classes, previous employment that was purely product driven and the general sentiment of what it takes to be a salesman. To simplify what these ideas encapsulated, I had to find a great product, reach out to as many people that need this product and do the best I can to get them to purchase this product. In other words, the product will be the most important factor in a purchasing decision.

Before I transitioned into a sales position at Exact, I was given the opportunity to learn the business from top to bottom via an internship. Each incremental task, process or drawing I had to complete seemed like a small accomplishment.  However, what I didn’t grasp at the time was how each of these steps allowed me the ability to understand the products, processes and procedures required to take an idea and deliver a finished manufactured good to a customer. Once each puzzle piece fell into place, I was able to see the entire picture clearly.

The identity of Exact Medical Manufacturing, which was created by our President, Dave Power and Vice President, Ryan Power, is based on finding a need with our existing customers/prospective customers and doing everything within our capabilities to fill this need. They understand, that simply having a good product at a competitive price is not enough to create long lasting partnerships with customers. We must solve problems and not limit ourselves to only creating products.

This revolutionized my approach to selling. Success is not based exclusively on the ability to have a quality product and provide competitive pricing. Although these are essential factors, they are not the only thing that matters. The ability to identify a need and provide an effective solution is what customers require more than anything. This is what partnering with customers is all about. It is not merely being a “product feeder” but a “thought leader”.  This is what I was being taught during my internship, to understand our capabilities and processes thoroughly so I am able to meet a customer, establish where they are at and provide an effective solution. Vendors come and go but suppliers who show that your needs are the top priority create an environment for a long-lasting business relationship. Our customers success is our success.

 “Make the customers problem your problem” – Shep Hyken


Biography of Jake Perrotti


Jake has worked for the Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. team since December of 2016. He has contributed in a number of ways over the last few years including sales, sourcing and customer account management as well as being instrumental on new product development projects.

Prior to working at Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. Jake completed his associate degree in business administration from Erie Community College and his bachelor’s in business management from Buffalo State University.

Jake enjoys all things sports including a life-long fandom for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers. His hobbies include snowboarding, basketball, and fishing as well as spending time with friends and family.