By: Lisa Riso

The corridor is chilled, the guards stoic, and the low rumbles of a crowd can be heard in the distance. It was not just because the painting is hundreds of years old; it is each brush stroke and each mix of color that pulls the woman into your imagination.  She has a slight smirk luring you to wonder what she must have been thinking; could there have been blush that time has washed away? A secret message lost to the decades of exposure?  What other details have been lost? What could have been?


Detail is at the core of life. When you walk into a room or board a bus, your mind sweeps the area looking for details as to where is it best to sit or who has been there before you. Think about the two short events described above. While stating simply that you walked past a bakery or saw a painting would get the same basic messages across, the true value would be lost if it wasn’t filled with the attention and detail presented. Without detail, memories would fade, stories would be bland, and businesses would fail.


At Exact Medical Manufacturing, the importance of detail is never lost and that can be seen in every invoice and spreadsheet.  We make it our business to be efficient but never cut corners because our customers deserve the best.  Working with thousands of numbers every day, allowing something like detail to suffer at the hands of mainstreaming a system or rushing a project is never an acceptable option.  Just as adding an extra zero or two at the end of your bank account balance would result in a massive financial variance or swapping the order of just two digits of a phone number could call the wrong side of the globe, we would never be able to succeed if the fine details began to slip.


From entering orders, invoicing customer requests, and coordinating with our colleagues in China to having delivered exactly which products, quantity, and handling details of each piece, we have a the real opportunity to offer a collaborated effort for the satisfaction with every customer we work with.  Whether you are a world-class athlete like Zhang or a business that strives for the best results, everyone needs a good team and great partners to get the result they want.  Our industry is no exception. Most of the innovation in that our industry has produced in the last decade has been the work of great partnerships. Detail, and therefore satisfaction, is a quintessential aspect of what we do and how we succeed in rising above the rest.


Since Exact Medical Manufacturing is managed by humans, mistakes can be made. To ensure that happens as little as possible, when engineering requests are created, EMM ensures immediate implementation.  Our colleagues pull specifications for all orders to ensure proper raw material is purchased, inspections occur for all raw materials received so no damaged product will be made, and the China Team reviews materials requested to ensure accuracy of orders placed; to name just a few ways we pay attention to the details. The competitive pricing of our services buys so much more than the world class, high quality products, but the effort, care, and therefore detailed work of all the involved staff around the world invested in making your experience with us, a success.


Biography of Lisa Riso


Lisa Riso is the Office Manager of Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc.  Lisa brings 23 years of experience in administration and customer service.  Some of her responsibilities are Managing Customer Service and the Financial Department as well as overseeing Logistics.

Organization can be Lisa’s greatest strength as well as being detail orientated and self-motivated.  She enjoys both independent work and being a team member to achieve the best results to any project.

Prior to working for Exact Medical Manufacturing, Lisa was a legal administrator.  She also worked in the catering industry, as well as a managing a construction company.

Lisa resides in Cheektowaga, New York with her husband and three children.  In her spare time, she loves to travel, watch sports and read.