By: Scott Drosendahl

Lee Lacocca said “There is no substitute for accurate knowledge.  Know yourself, know your business, know your men.”  Intimate knowledge is to know something thoroughly and deeply.  As an organization or individual, taking the time to fully understand what it is you set out to accomplish as a team or individual will often lead to success.  Prioritizing the importance of each detail allows you to catch your breath, ready yourself, and make the leap forward.

Secondly, know your company.  Having a thorough and complete understanding of the intricacies of your product in the field of business you perform in is crucial.  Staying up to date with the latest trends and adapting to the ever-changing landscape that the economy represents is key to long term growth and stability.  If you have all your eggs in one basket it leaves you vulnerable and easily exposed.  Find balance between your strengths and weaknesses and stay true to the roots that secured your foundation.

Lastly, know your people.  Whether it be in the workplace or in your personal life.  Surrounding yourself with those who take pride in themselves and maintain a level of integrity is often overlooked but plays a key role in the never-ending pursuit of success.   Finding those who will strive for excellence alongside you is pivotal.

Here at Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. these are some of the key aspects for what we do and how we treat who we work with.  Leadership has a vision, which has in turn fostered growth.  We pride ourselves on quality and integrity by challenging one another to improve daily, individually and as a team.  By understanding your needs and expectations, it allows us to not only achieve them but work vigorously to exceed them.  The experience here at EMM paired with the constant drive to deeply understand what it is you need as a customer fuels our drive.

Although my time here at Exact Medical is still early I see it preached daily and that is why I find myself believing that we are truly “in it for the long haul” as President and CEO Dave Power commonly says.  The atmosphere created here is not only welcoming but genuine.  The pride in what we do from our office in New York, to our colleagues in Europe, to our team in China is sincere and shows up in every minute detail we are tasked to address.  Day in and day out a conscious effort is made to do better and find ways to improve.

Knowledge is power and knowing yourself, your business and your people intimately will propel you on the relentless pursuit of success.  As a customer, here at EMM or as an individual in life.  It all reverts to the fact that there is no substitute for intimate knowledge.

Biography of Scott Drosendahl

Scott Drosendahl joined the Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. team last September taking a role in Sales and Technical Support.  He brings a positive attitude and upbeat personality each day and loves challenging himself to be better.

Prior to working at Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. Scott was an Account Executive at a Logistics Brokerage.  Before that he excelled as an Offensive Coordinator at his Alma Mater, Mount Ida College, where he was a 4-year student-athlete majoring in Criminal Justice concentrated in Law.

Scott received academic honors upon graduating as a cum laude recipient and accepted an offer to move to Tampere, Finland to join a small market American Football organization there for several months before returning home to New York.

He currently resides in East Aurora, NY.  With his free time, he loves staying active by getting outdoors, hiking, boating, playing basketball, working out and spending time with family and friends.