Third Manufacturing Facility

Exact Medical Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of our Third Manufacturing Facility.


To support EMM’s continuing growth we have expanded our production operations to a newly designed production facility. This new factory conforms to our strict Quality, Procedural and Environmental Standards and is a welcomed addition to our capabilities to support the Customers and Markets we value so highly.


We invite Customers and Interested Parties to visit and/or audit our New Facility at Your Convenience.


Specifics on the new factory includes:

  • Factory Designation: “EMM CZ”
  • Location: New North District Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • 2 Shift Operation – with capacity for 200 staff
  • 1,000 M2 Controlled Environment Manufacturing
  • 1,000 M2 Warehouse
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Compliant
  • Segregated Production Lines
  • Fully Capable Lab for Internal Material / Product Testing
  • Ample available space for future growth


  release 1      release 2